Mar 27 2022 Singer-Songwriter Guitar English Mini

A mini-album with 5 songs, going back to my roots: just a guitar and my voice, playing while singing. Personal, intimate songs with both interesting vocal melodies as well as guitar melodies.


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More Info

My previous albums became much bigger than I anticipated, with songs that started to sound more like a full band than a singer-songwriter melody after a while. This took too much time and drifted a bit from my own style and vision.

So I vowed to do one album with just guitar and voice, see what it leads to. In the end, other instruments were added and some mixing was done just to make it all sound better and more exciting at certain points. But the main vocal, guitar, melody, everything is always a live take of me playing and singing at the same time.

For full background information, notes, audio recording wisdom and more, visit my blog: Notes on “A Ship to Something”

Tabs / Chords / Lyrics

If possible, I publish the lyrics/chords/tablature for all my songs!

This way, anyone can play my music and discover the chords, without wasting time trying to figure out the precise chord being played or lyric being sung.

Pick your favorite song below and start playing: