Sep 20 2018 Instrumental Piano Video Game

A collection of 11 instrumental compositions, ranging from solo piano, to mixes with oriental influences, and video game background music.

This was the first album I ever recorded, mixed and published. I had been writing (piano) compositions for years, and creating background music for my own video games for even longer, and decided to bundle them into an album.

The first song, “Composition in F Minor”, is easily the best, both in terms of composition and the way I recorded/mixed it. (Which is also why the album is named after it.)


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More Info

Obviously, this being a first album, I made many mistakes and don’t think this is my best work. Read my album diary to see the greatest lessons I’ve learned going forwards: Notes on “F Minor”

I mean, I hadn’t even learned how to break chords and play patterns with my left hand on the piano. Most of the piano songs just feature me absolutely HAMMERING the piano chords with my left hand, which is not a great and musical accompaniment.

(It’s weird. Now that I can play all sorts of patterns with the left hand, it feels like I’ve “always been able to do that”, and “of course I can”. But this album was only recorded several years ago, and I just … had no idea what to do with the left hand. Strange how you can completely miss you progress if it happens gradually.)