Jun 10 2021 Guitar Piano Instrumental EP

A set of four instrumental compositions (2 piano, 2 guitar) about the aftermath of an impactful event from my youth: the sudden death of my older brother.

This EP has a “twin” called “Dusk”. This means that both EPs are connected through theme, instrumentation, composition, and more, and it’s best to listen to them after each other (Dusk -> Dawn).


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More Info

As always, I’ve written an article on the blog about the creation of this album: Notes on “Dawn”

When I released “Dusk” (its twin EP), I said that Dawn would be released very soon. That was a lie. It took more than two years before Dawn was released.

Why? Because recording Dusk taught me that I needed proper recording gear. Nothing expensive or amazing, just something that works and is capable of professional output. Thus, I saved money, eventually bought that equipment, learnt how to use it, recorded two singer-songwriter albums with it, and only then was I somewhat certain that I could record this EP!

Hopefully it was worth the wait.