Apr 27 2022 Singer-Songwriter Guitar Piano English Mini

A mini album with 7 songs about the fear of living a life worthy of being forgotten and nothing else, while realizing you’re probably just meant to live your life and be happy in the moment.


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More Info

After creating a guitar-only album built from live takes (where I sing and play at the same time), I felt the need to try something new again.

But not completely. For the guitar-focused songs I still used this method, as it produced the most lively and natural takes. But the album also contains songs mostly accompanied by piano, or, well, you’ll hear it when you listen to the first song.

This made the album quite varied and unique, teaching me even more techniques, but also allowing me to express some things more freely and accurately.

Most of the songs were already written, be it lyrics or melodies, but had no home yet. Coincidentally watching a YouTube video that perfectly captured the idea, solidified the name and the theme, and made me finish it in this style.

For full background information, notes, audio recording wisdom and more, visit my blog: Notes on “Don’t Forget Me”

Tabs / Chords / Lyrics

If possible, I publish the lyrics/chords/tablature for all my songs!

This way, anyone can play my music and discover the chords, without wasting time trying to figure out the precise chord being played or lyric being sung.

Pick your favorite song below and start playing: