Jul 09 2021 Singer-Songwriter Guitar English Mini

A mini-album with 7 acoustic songs, ranging from angry, to cute, to heartbreaking. Played on my Spanish guitar, sung by me, all in my bedroom studio.


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More Info

Written in a time when many people do stupid things, such as ignoring climate change, forcing children into horrible educational systems, and lying to themselves (and others) about … basically anything.

Mostly created, however, as an training ground for recording and producing my own music.

At first, I had picked more “radio ready” songs of mine, which had drums, keyboard, nice solos, etcetera. But as I recorded them, I soon realised I had neither the experience nor the equipment to create such songs. All I really had was an acceptable microphone and a good guitar, so why not try to make the best album I can possible make with that?

For background information, notes, tabs, and more, visit my blog: Notes on “Keeping the Sunset”


If possible, I publish the lyrics/chords/tablature for all my songs!

This way, anyone can play my music and discover the chords, without wasting time trying to figure out the precise chord being played or lyric being sung.

Pick your favorite song below and start playing: