Birds (Lyrics)

Feb 19 2022 Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics for the song “Birds”. It’s track #2 from the album “Don’t Give Me Up”.

Verse I

Take the shadows or we’ll live in vain
Pick up the leaves and take one last bow
Homeless hearts could not foresee this pain
Countless stars that could be ours

Look at me I’m your mirror bright
A million birds that sang their song
Talk no more or it will start a fight
But for both is what they sung

Chorus I

And one day we’ll grow old
Thinking had I talked – or changed

Verse II

Know your weakness but don’t start alone
In the forest you’ll always live
Your trembling hands will not be held by some
Birds that could throw you off the cliff

Chorus II

And while then we’re still young
Stand still where you lie down – to think about life


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