Careful Not to Dream I (Lyrics)

Apr 28 2022 Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics for the song “Careful Not to Dream (Part 1)”. It’s track #2 from the album “Until It’s Over”.

Verse 1

Anything I
Own, made it on my
Own, but gone

Careful not to
Dream there’s miles hidden be-
Tween your goals

Chorus 1

Wasted all these years, trying to
Find what was rightfully mine

Wasted all this time, trying to fly __

Verse 2 (key raised)

Anything I
Know, learnt it on my
Own with no
Rest at all, I was

Careful not to
Dream, the world’s not as it
Seems and so
Best not call on the

Gods __ to help you out

Chorus 2 (same as chorus 1)

Wasted all these years
Trying to fight what
Was never my foe

Wasted my reserves
On empty


But what if somehow
It’s all possible and it’s real
Would I be the fool who throws it away

But what if dreams of old
Were strong enough to change the world
And I am the messenger
Then why are they all yelling I’m in the wrong

Should I just play along
It’s all in my head

Verse 4 / Outro

Anything I own
Built it from the stones

Anything I loved
Had to let it go

Anything I dreamt
Buried in the land

Careful not to dream
You don’t know what you mean