Careful Not to Dream II (Lyrics)

Apr 28 2022 Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics for the song “Careful Not to Dream (Part 2)”. It’s track #7 from the album “Until It’s Over”.

Verse 1

Baby give me Armageddon
All I had is gone
As I move on
To a place we both know

Baby don’t leave me hanging
Cause I am hanging on

Chorus 1

Now there’s nothing to fear for
There’s nothing to __ fear
As I’m waiting here in sunlight and soft beds

I’m keeping faith in the
Way mistakes make you
Grow  and soon all will know __

Verse 2

Baby listen to my words now
All the hurt goes down
When you’re around
You need not make a sound
Baby I will come running
To see your stunning frown

Chorus 2

And there’s nothing to fear for
There’s nothing to __ fear
We are late to the party but we’re here
I’m keeping faith in the
Way dreams give you a
Strength to rise each day again __

Bridge (same as bridge of part 1)

But what if I end up succeeding
Despite all the odds
Was it worth the time wasted in bed

Are you looking for impressive feats?
Or just a boy who keeps his dreams
Like jewels proudly on display
But never so foolish to chase them down

What is truly wise and sound
What you ask is …

Chorus 3 (softer, more like a lullaby)

Make there nothing to fear for
Nothing to __ fear
Make us safe, warm and fed, make us play __
Please keep our faith in the
Way a life will turn
Out what you put in __


Anything I own
Left it on the stones

Careful not to dream
The lies still make you gleam

Anything I own
Built from the unknown

Careful not to dream
It’s real, so it might seem
(These days)