I Miss Seeing Your Face II (Lyrics)

Apr 28 2022 Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics for the song “I Miss Seeing Your Face (Part 2)”. It’s track #6 from the album “Until It’s Over”.

Verse 1

Innocent boy
Where have you gone
What have you seen
And now become

Wide eyes turned shut
Had promise but was never
Found, burnt-up and
Bound, don’t understand
Why nothing’s changed
Occupied by the blame

Verse 2

Innocent boy
Where are you now
Never happy
Cannot see how

You could feel like it will all
Work out, we’ll crawl, if we can’t
Walk, it’s just stupid
Talk, don’t understand
Why anyone would
Take a risk on the world

Chorus 1

Innocent boy, can’t recognize
Your forced disguise, your lies
What is this face, staring at me

Verse 3

Innocent boy
Thrust into this
Why’d you comply
You wouldn’t miss

The long years wasted on tears
The fear to hear your lower gears
Are just not enough
Don’t understand
How to keep up
When there’s no room to stop

Chorus 2

Innocent boy
When did you die
It’s been a while
So smile

It will be fine
When you finally die

Verse 4 (melody change)

Innocent boy
Now a grown man
Surrounded by hope
Imprisoned by plans
The guiding hand you wistfully spent
Will break and bend


Late, late October
I broke you the news

The battery’s empty
Goodbye to your views

Late, late December
The story confirmed

The old king is dead now
Long live the king

He won’t win
Who will win, who will win

Verse 5 (changed key)

Innocent boy
Burdened by rage
Trapped in a cage
Built from spines way too small
For tasks so tall we must answer the call
More and more (and more and more)

I’ll stay on the floor

Chorus 3 (same as part 1)

In meaningful mirrors,
in the shops, in the lakes
I miss seeing your face

Where’s the adventurer
With smile ‘round the eyes
I miss feeling alive
And now I don’t __ feel like waking up anymore