Pebbles to Rivers (Lyrics)

Jan 13 2022 Lyrics" English

These are the official lyrics for the song “Pebbles to Rivers”. It’s track #4 from the album “A Ship to Something”.

Verse 1

It’s no problem
It’s all fine, it’s quite alright
They will understand I mean it well
Given some time

Verse 2

Just a white lie
Some truth withheld, means to an end
I need a problem solved, a helping hand
So draw the line

Pre-Chorus 1

Again again again again again
The same (split up like the phrase above; “sa – y – a – y – me”)
Fault in our

Chorus 1

We dance, we lie, we break
We do this all a thousand times
Explain it all away – the
Misleading words spit from our mouths we

Keep our wrongs at bay
But it’s not okay

A small leak will grow, a mistake will sow
Pebbles in rivers __
Soon rock the world with their waves

Verse 3

Why not start now
Why not take the first step leading there
Every day a stone to stack and stall
Soon builds a wall

Verse 4

Get the rivers flowing
Even subtle streams are always going
To a common goal a larger whole
Without the need for greed to push underneath

Pre-Chorus 2

Again again again again again
You can _
Choose to be more

Chorus 2

We hide, we steal, we crave
We do this all a thousands times, we

Seal our hearts away – ruin
Lives just to keep dignity, we

Only look ahead
At most a day

But a seed will grow, even small stars they glow
Pebbles in rivers __
Soon overflow our brick walls and they cannot be stopped

Bridge 1

Remember days when we would share a bed
Whenever we were cold

Remember weeks when we just did not speak
For reasons that we lost

Remember months when you’d raise me up
When I just could not hold

Onto something and keep flowing along
Every day a little harder

Bridge 2

Remember every time you’d tell me off
For something that’s not wrong

Remember every lecture lacking love
When I just wanted hope

Remember your ever present need to shine
When any step would’ve been fine

How could you wonder what made me what I am
Every day a little cruel

Chorus 3

We sleep, we dream, we wake
We do this all a thousand times, each

Day a new blank slate – to be
Thankful, fearful, or cower and wait

Don’t let the moment pass
Make them all last

Two small steps a jump, every creation a bump
Pebbles in rivers __
Can somehow lead to an architecture to behold


TO DO (?)