Set Sail (Lyrics)

Feb 19 2022 Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics for the song “Set Sail”. It’s track #4 from the album “Don’t Give Me Up”.

Verse I (variant A)

He said he’d be a better man, yet he walked across the beach
In search of a way out
He said he’d give all that he had, yet he did not care the least
As he heard screams so loud (saying)

Verse II (variant B)

Well this one’s for the people and the children
The fine liars, the buyouts, civilians
This one’s for the die-hards, the try-hards, the builders
May the road be long, I say till there’s

Nobody left to live in a cardboard box
No more deaths, no more threats, no more senseless loss
If you’re not willing, thrilling to clean your slate
That’s the worst mistake you will ever make

Pre-Chorus I

I could be happy and dancing across the room
Doing nothing yet screaming impending doom
But when there’s no-one around
I recount and count and count and coooount

Chorus I

I don’t care what you know,
I don’t care what you say,
Only your actions count,
and your biggest mistakes (so)


Set sail!
Set saaaaail!
Your flagship awaits

(more like awaaiaiaiaits to make a transition to the next part)

Verse III (variant A)

He said he’d sing a better song, yet he stuttered all day long
Ass tied to the chair

He promised a brighter future now, he promised some more things anyhow
Until someone declared that

Verse IV (variant B)

Cut short one “phrase”

This one’s for the haters and creators,
The dreamers, the schemers, the audacious,
This one’s for the future, don’t mute her, don’t blame us
May the road be long I say we will


Soon be dancing and prancing across our rooms
All the hard work was done now let’s build some new
Thoughts and laughs, without me around
I still sound and sound and sound and soooound

Chorus II

I don’t care what you’ve seen
I don’t care what you state
Only your deeds ring true
And not your smallest mistakes (so)


Set sail!
Set saaaail!
Your flagship awaits

(Already start building towards the bridge here)
Set sail!
Set saaaail!
Your flagship awaits


And I am the runner, the gunner, the perfect
Line and the story, the lore we’ve been told at
Night am I scared, do I dare, do I care ask
Why, that’s your worst mistake, would I ever

Lie am the broker, the no-good composure,
Wise as the god, who will not even bother,
Try to be better the getters will never
Shy, that’s your worst mistake, would I ever

Guide you to waterfalls, hurricanes, whirlpools
Sigh after failures, I know they will sail us (to)
Fine lands will meet us and greet us to see us
Fly, there is no mistake, I’m just saying


All parts slowly combine:

Until fade out.