All That I Needed to Hear I (Chords)

Apr 28 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “All That I Needed to Hear (Part 1)”. It’s track #1 from the album “Until It’s Over”.

Obviously an angry song. Sing and play it that way. The guitar is all downward strumming (quickly) throughout the song.


D (repeated aggressive downward strumming)

Verse 1

What’s the point, what am

C   G
I here to do

Could we join and just
Live lives for two

It’s my choice, it’s my voice

Am      Em
Hopelessly cutting noise

G        D
Remember the simple joys

Verse 2

I tell truths but they just ask me: “Where
Are your parents do they know you’re here?”
No they don’t, far from home
And they’re not gonna come
They never cared for long

Chorus 1

    C     Em
So don’t keep me in your shipyard

  Bm     C
Don’t keep me in the dark

  C      G
Don’t waste away your flowers

  B7     Em
On a lone December spark

And I tried to be brave for you

Oh I __ tried

D/F#  G     C   D
  To be more than my heart abides

Verse 3

Put your face on a pedestal dream
Nigh replaced by improbable screams
Don’t be still when they kill
Your loved ones oh they will
And never come back home

Chorus 2

So don’t keep me in your tower
Don’t guard me in the dark
Don’t waste away the sunshine
On a lone September spark

And I tried to surpass for you
Oh I __ tried
To be more than my body abides


But there’s one point of failure
The moment you grow out of your

Skin, and your brain, a whirl-

Wind of development done

We’re like drops in an
Ocean of knowledge and
Meaning but lost it’s a farce
That keeps pulling our

Tongue away, every day

Fill the gaps, more is less

Why grow up if you just

Live __

With fractures and scars that cannot

Be unmade, now it’s too late, hey

Verse 4

Little child put the problem in song
Fiddled while you knew something was wrong
Don’t be scared ‘cause I’m there
Blissfully unaware
That we’re all going down

Chorus 3

So don’t tell me I need patience
Don’t take me for a cheer
Stop telling what the way is, that’s
All I needed to hear

I don’t live (just) to work for you
Oh I __ knew
It’ll be tough to reach futures you blew


Slow down strumming on D until done