Always Running (Chords)

Feb 19 2022 Tab Chords Piano Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Always Running”. It’s track #3 from the album “Don’t Give Me Up”.

It starts out soft and simple, then builds into a power rock song. (At least, that’s the idea, don’t know if I succeeded.)

The key change not only helps with that, it was also added because all the other verses/choruses were just too low for my voice. The falsetto bits in the chorus are equally nice, but optional.

Verse I

Fm     Cm
That girl, who’s running down the street

C#        G#   G#/G
 They like you, they’ve loved you all along

Those little things, that have you running on your feet
You’ll pass through, and show the world you have won

Fm        Cm
You have friends, you’re not alone

  C#  D#
But always _ running _

Chorus I

Fm      Cm
   This is your home

And all we are

G#         Fm
   But not how you’re born

  C#    D#
Not who you really are

Verse II

Your world, you’ve been trying to understand
It likes you, it sings you showers of praise

You won’t hear, but that’s why I’ll be standing here
To tell you, convince your wins will begin

We have faith, we keep saying so
Yet always running

Chorus II

This is your home
And all we are
But not how you’re born
Not who you really are


Well run away

To your silent hope

Where they’ll be leaning screaming

D#     (D#/E)
Being evil stealing your whole

Chance to run away
But don’t you dare go
To that place you’ll face mistakes and race to waste your dying days

Bbm    B          Bbm
  Let us all meet you there to drag you back

(Musical intermezzo to transition from bridge to last chorus, which is transposed.)

Chorus III

Bbm     Fm
  This is your home

And all we are

Bbm       C#
  But not how you’re born

  F#    F7
Not who you really are


The melody from the bridge, played as electric guitar solo.