At the right time (Chords)

Jan 13 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “At the right time”. It’s track #1 from the album “Feast your Eyes on Me”.

Most of this song is just a few basic chords … but plucked on just 3 strings (D,G,B), which automatically makes them sound more unique and open.

The bridge(s) do more special stuff, but still with the same idea. (Pretty standard chords, but in a different voicing, and only plucking the middle strings of the guitar.)


The second bridge has some unique chords that might seem overwhelming, so I made a separate list:

Verse 1

Em      D
I spoke to a God today

And he was weeping softly

Am            D
  About the humans trapped in rage

Trapped in their golden cage

Verse 2

I spoke with a God today
And he was weeping slowly
About the way the world should be
And he mourned us

Chorus 1

What if the world stops spinning
What if the oceans rise and

I’m left wondering

About the way it all went down

  C      Em
Did I fight back at the right time

   C     Em
Did I speak up just enough

Verse 3

I spoke with our God today
And he was cursing sadly
The state of affairs in the world out there
And everything could have been better

Chorus 2

What if the world stops spinning
What if the oceans rise and
I’m left wondering

(slightly sped up)
Did I do the sane thing
Did I do the right things at the right time
Did I say the right things to the

Bridge (type 1)

Lost souls and their

Asus2       Em
  Lost souls enter the fray

Verse 4

I spoke with your God today
And he was leaving surely
For all the humans trapped in guilt
Would never rebuild this

Chorus 3

World that will keep on spinning
We’ll let the oceans rise
And I’m left wondering
Was it worth the fake sense of joy
Was it worth it to sleep softly
Was it worth it just enough

Bridge (type 2)

Bm7/G  Am7/E
I’ll kneeeel before death’s door

One day, sailing for the liiiighthouse

 But we will never, we will never reach the shore …

… sure-ly there’s a plan
But what, role will I play there
Many drops make a waterfall

 Sparks of hope make the mighty monarchs fall


I don’t know, I improvised this.


(only lightly sung, on top of intro pattern)
Did I do everything I could?
Did I speak up at the right time?
Did I fight back just enough?