Careful Not to Dream I (Chords)

Apr 28 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Careful Not to Dream (Part 1)”. It’s track #2 from the album “Until It’s Over”.

Guitar strumming just up/down/up/down all the way through. The timing on some words is a bit tricky, but you’ll figure it out. Otherwise, as with the whole album, angry singing required.



Am7  C/G  C/F

Verse 1

Anything I

Own, made it on my

Own, but gone

Careful not to
Dream there’s miles hidden be-
Tween your goals

Chorus 1

Dm      G
Wasted all these years, trying to

C         E
Find what was rightfully mine

Dm     G     A
Wasted all this time, trying to fly __

Verse 2 (key raised)

Anything I

Know, learnt it on my

Own with no

Rest at all, I was

Careful not to
Dream, the world’s not as it
Seems and so
Best not call on the

Gods __ to help you out

Chorus 2 (same as chorus 1)

Wasted all these years
Trying to fight what
Was never my foe

Wasted my reserves
On empty


Stop strumming, just one-time chords. More dreamy. Slower.

Bm    Cmaj7
But what if somehow

   Gsus2   E
It’s all possible and it’s real

  C#m  B       A
Would I be the fool who throws it away

Bm   Cmaj7
But what if dreams of old

Dmaj7        Cmaj7
 Were strong enough to change the world

Gsus2    E
And I am the messenger

  C#m    B       A
Then why are they all yelling I’m in the wrong

Should I just play along

It’s all in my head

Verse 4 / Outro

Same chords as other verses. But the last line of the melody is just a held note. And it reverses the melody near the end.

Anything I own
Built it from the stones

Anything I loved
Had to let it go

Anything I dreamt
Buried in the land

Careful not to dream
You don’t know what you mean

Keep playing the chords until fade