Careful Not to Dream II (Chords)

Apr 28 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Careful Not to Dream (Part 2)”. It’s track #7 from the album “Until It’s Over”.

I want to say this song is more hopeful and soothing. It pretends to be, though. It has some more upbeat melodies among it, generally a more soothing vibe, and the chorus literally says “there’s nothing to fear for”. But I think the first and last lyrics of the song demonstrate the feeling from which to play it.



How to pluck the intro melody on guitar

Verse 1

D   (Dsus2 -> Dsus4 -> D)
Baby give me Armageddon

All I had is gone

As I move on

 To a place we both know

 Baby don’t leave me hanging

Cause I am hanging on

Chorus 1

    G     D
Now there’s nothing to fear for

   G  A  Bm
There’s nothing to __ fear

    A           E
As I’m waiting here in sunlight and soft beds

I’m keeping faith in the

 Way mistakes make you

Em     G    A
Grow  and soon all will know __

Verse 2

Baby listen to my words now
All the hurt goes down
When you’re around
You need not make a sound
Baby I will come running
To see your stunning frown

Chorus 2

And there’s nothing to fear for
There’s nothing to __ fear
We are late to the party but we’re here
I’m keeping faith in the
Way dreams give you a
Strength to rise each day again __

Bridge (same as bridge of part 1)

Bm    Cmaj7   Gsus2
  But what if I end up succeeding

Despite all the odds

   C#m  B     A
Was it worth the time wasted in bed

   Bm     Cmaj7
Are you looking for impressive feats?

Dmaj7        Cmaj7
Or just a boy who keeps his dreams

  Gsus2     E
Like jewels proudly on display

  C#m  B       A
But never so foolish to chase them down

What is truly wise and sound

What you ask is …

D/F# (transitional chord; can do without it, but hard to pinpoint the vocal starting note that way)

Chorus 3 (softer, more like a lullaby)

Make there nothing to fear for
Nothing to __ fear
Make us safe, warm and fed, make us play __
Please keep our faith in the
Way a life will turn
Out what you put in __


The main melody from part 1 again. But just once or twice, really soft/sad/distant. And, well, like an outro.

Bm   A
Anything I own

Left it on the stones

Careful not to dream
The lies still make you gleam

Anything I own
Built from the unknown

Careful not to dream
It’s real, so it might seem

(These days)

Bm (randomly arpeggiated)