Don't Give Me Up (Chords)

Feb 19 2022 Tab Chords Piano Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Don’t Give Me Up”. It’s track #1 from the album “Don’t Give Me Up”.

This is a really short, simple song. The piano basically follows the melody, but that happens automatically by playing these chords with both hands. It’s one of the earliest songs I ever wrote, so the accompaniment isn’t that sophisticated.


F – Am/F – F
F – F/Bb - F

Verse I

FAm/FF    F/Bb F
I’ve left you    it’s done now

FAm/FF      F/Bb F
They’ll catch me   don’t hold me up

DmDsus2Dm  C/F
 I’m falling    in the arms of law

Bbdim      Dm
  I’ll accept it   when there’s no way out

Verse II

I’m sleeping it’s tiring
They’ll follow don’t wake me up
I know it some deeds are not done
Just go and love another one

Now that I’m really gone

Verse III

I’m running you know why
They’ll call you don’t give me up
I promise not to leave again
I know now where this sentence ends

As they handcuff my hands