Dreamboats to Share (Chords)

Jan 13 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Dreamboats to Share”. It’s track #3 from the album “A Ship to Something”.

Pretty standard chords and strumming patterns. It only switches to some weird chords (and a different vibe/pattern) in the bridge, but those are explained when you get there.


Capo V

The bridge uses loads of different chords. I thought it best to write them there, when they appear.

Verse 1

I need the freedom to grow this

I’ve adventures to sell, and a way to let go it

Is not the same as working the paychecks

D      G
It’s not the same at all, dear

Verse 2

I need this noise to blow over
I have stories to share, and an ending so cruel it
Will leave the stone-cold faced with a heartbreak
And they’ll turn around to listen

Chorus 1

       C     G
Why won’t you meet me in the park

       C     G
Why’d you wait until it’s dark

      Am    Em
Why’d you hide away till noon

       C     G
Why leave your masterpiece inside

      Dm     Gm
Shield the power of your mind

      Am      Em
Take the blame for just your name

  Bills coming, lights flooding and

  I’m drowning and

Cmaj7 (032000)
I __

   Dmaj7 (054000)
And I __

Verse 3

I need the world to turn winter
I have warm hugs to spare, and by now it’s beginning
To eat itself a way out of my soul
And it needs a place to anchor

Verse 4

(But) first I need the ocean to calm down
I’ve got dreamboats to share, and some walls that will fall down
If I just saw a light that could guide me
To the end of strange endeavors

Chorus 2

Oh won’t you give me what I want
Won’t you wander into hearts
Won’t you see this work complete

Why’d you force me into this
Why restrict me to one kiss Why not keep the thoughts you miss

Expectations, no vacations But it’s worth it if
I __ , if I __ am allowed


Em = X75080
To yell, to tell, to be myself

Cdim = X324XX
To share, and tear apart the wealth

B7             Em*
 Of wrong and right and whatever’s left of that

To write, to sing, to make a thing,

A7 = X00020
That spreads and grows and has me cling

B/D# = X6X45X     Em
To walls and chairs by the sheer enormity

Cdim    Bbdim = X12023
The flood gates open

Don’t tell me to stay silent and sit still

Bm   (Bm/A)G
   If given the option

Bm   Bm/D        F#7
Everyone, everyone would choose to believe

B7 D7 (back to) G

Verse 5

I need the sun to rise hopeful
I need someone to care, for me I’m a handful
But I hope (that) a hand full of magic
Is not so heavy a burden

Verse 6

I want (a) quiet house on a hillside
I have madness to bear, and I need to go outside
It’s not that I don’t like the company
My wild thoughts just need sorting

Chorus 3

Oh won’t you play this on repeat
Why don’t you steal the parts you need
Why must we begin from greed

Oh will you listen to my tale
My success and how I fail
No adventure can grow stale

With my eyes open, mind wide open
And I’m hoping that
I __ can, that I __ can
That I__ can, I__ can