Feast your Eyes on Me (Chords)

Jan 13 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Feast your Eyes on Me”. It’s track #5 from the album “Feast your Eyes on Me”. Also the last track and the title track of course!

This song has some crazy chords right from start to finish. There are 4 key changes, and the plucking pattern changes regularly.

But if you can play this, it will sound magical.

Chords (Verse):

Chords (Chorus):

Chords (Bridge): finally, some normal chords, you probably know them


This picking pattern is also used during the verses

Intro pattern

Verse 1

  I challenged customs,

  I challenged faith, long-held beliefs

I swore at stars ‘till morning,

but wounds always come back

I did the right thing,
I trained myself to the abyss
I crawled out of my hiding,
a fact I’ll always regret

Pre-Chorus 1

Bbmaj7    Bbm(13)
      And I know

Chorus 1

Db/Gb     Dbsus2
Someone must play the devil

Db/Gb      Gb(add9)
Someone must be their god

When we’re all afraid to lose what we have not

Post-Chorus 1

     They’re crying

F#   D#m
Out, they’re crying out your name

C#       F7
Feast your eyes on me

F#     F7
Feast your eyes on me

Verse 2

They never listened,
but take my force they’ll listen now
If facts and charts won’t serve them,
I’ll take my last bow

The stage was set dear,
to fail and fail yourself to stone
To walk right into fool’s lies,
to dream it never was you

Pre-Chorus 2

Still I hunger

Chorus 2

For someone to play the devil
For someone to tell us off
I’m just so afraid to lose the only thing I got

Post-Chorus 2

They’re screaming
Death, the storm raging through their bellies (“bel -lie -ie -ies”)
Your eyes on me,
Feast your eyes on me

Bridge 1

C#m     F#m
Feast your eyes on me

B7      E
Feast your eyes on me

A       G#7
Feast your eyes on me
Feast your eeyes on

C#m  B  A
Meeeee ___

C#m  E/D#  E
Meeeee ___

B     G#7
Meeeee ___

Bridge 2

And you watch me through the window pane

As you feel the love go sour

I’m locked with you in my sights again

   C#m   B   A
As my virtues come tumbling down

This plane’s about to run aground

Oh __

Verse 3

I made them panic
the panic’s real, the danger’s not
The truth will remain hidden, one eeeeye a million views

Pre-Chorus 3


Chorus 3

At someone to face the devil
At someone to face their god
‘Cause they’re all afraid, to see what you have shown

Post-Chorus 3

They’re calling
murder, a massacre at least
Your eyes on me
Feast your eyes on me


Play the chords + melody of bridge 1
End with the intro/verse plucking pattern, fading out