I Miss Seeing Your Face I (Chords)

Apr 28 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “I Miss Seeing Your Face (Part 1)”. It’s track #3 from the album “Until It’s Over”.

This song is less angry than the other songs, more melancholic/sad. Also the chorus has exceptionally high notes to sing (sorry, my vocal range is weird for a man), but I’m not sure if changing it will keep the energy of the song …




Verse 1

Bm       A   Bm
 I will never be your lonesome guard

     D   D/C#  Bm
Never be the hero in your stone heart

(A)  G6
 I am fra __ gile

I will never be your horseback prince
Never be the savior that holds back sins
I am bro __ ken

A (or F#7)

Chorus 1

If you let me outside

I will meet you alive

Cause I miss seeing your face


Could be forever but
Forever is long
To miss seeing your face
Now I

Em          F#7
Don’t __ feel like waking up anymore

Now I’m on the floor

Verse 2

I will never be the richest friend
Never be the trend that stays ‘till the end
I’m not ma __ gic

I will never go where no man’s gone before
Never lead you to the flower covered courts
I am sta __ tic

Chorus 2

Let’s pretend we’re still young
We’re scared kids holding on
And I miss seeing your face
For days

Could be a classroom,
Or a carefree Sunday,
I miss going away

Now I
Don’t __ feel like waking up anymore
Now I’m on the floor


BmDGEm -> F#7 (repeat)

Wilder and wilder, more aggressive, “climax”, until it settles down back to the bridge


This is basically the verse from part 2, but inverted, with some variations, and of course with the rhythm/tempo of this song.

Innocent boy

Tried oh so hard

To keep you so close

And share my old heart

And they say that every

Minute spent on regret and mistakes

Will come to pass

This too shall pass

Chorus 3

In the quiet sad moments
In the nights of disgrace
I miss seeing your face

Can’t find the words to
Tell you how much it weighs
On me (sped up), I just picture your face

Now I
Don’t __ feel like waking up anymore
Now I’m on the floor

Bridge 2

Innocent boy
Done nothing wrong
Bad place bad time
To be there alone

And they say
That nothing’s permanent
And those smiles, and the hands, and the jokes,
And the plans, and the love, and the friends,
Will surely pass
This too shall pass


(Same as verse)

I will never be the young boy again
The Peter Pan with the grand sentiment
I am ol __ der

And you are col __ der