In the Meadow

Jul 20 2021 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “In the meadow”

It’s track #5 from my album “Is it Too Much to Ask?"

The only “special” chords are played in the intro. (Which also reveals that it was the last part I wrote for the song, weeks after writing the rest.) All other chords are fairly standard.

There are, however, two remarks to be made:




Verse 1

Em    C        D
If anyone tells you, the world isn’t yours
Am    F
Hold your ground
  G  D/F#Em
And let them hear you loud

And clear as the noises they’ll put in your head
You are not
A puppet or even less

Pre-Chorus 1

Bm    A
They will surround you
D/C#    D
And say it’s for your own good
      G  D/F#
Well let me ask you
Is it feeling good?

Chorus 1

     Em      Am
Don’t stop all motion, build your explosion
   C           D
Run away again, the world should be yours

     Em        Am
And I don’t want you, to be silently put through
  C  D  B7
The wasted time I lost

(The idea is that the first C->D is drawn out with a silence in between. But the second time around it speeds up and ends on the tension-filled B7. Small variations, huge improvement.)

Verse 2

And if anyone tells you, listen, behave
Hold your ground
Though silence can be brave

It is not my way and it shouldn’t be yours
The fire I gave,
Is running through your veins

Pre-Chorus 2

You will look back one day
And there may have been so many mistakes you can’t
Count them, or remember, or hide them,
But at least you made them, made them,

Chorus 2

Made them with purpose, made them with passion
Stay the same my child, someday I want you to
Come over and show me your lover
And how you saved it all


Same chords as chorus.

Chorus 3

Go fill your lungs dear, grow it so strong dear
Even when I die, the more fires alight
And I will meet you, here in the meadow
And we’ll smile and laugh, and know


We were right, we were right
  C -> D
Well maybe not right

But we were good, we were good
  C -> D
Well maybe not good

But we did our best, did our best
    C -> D   B7
And we never settled for less

And I’m proud of that