Is It Too Much to Ask?

Jul 20 2021 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Is it too much to ask?”

It’s track #3 from my album “Is it Too Much to Ask?"

The whole song is very small and simple, with just a plucked guitar and a voice for the most part. It only ramps up at the very end, with actual chords (and multiple parts) being played. The chords are pretty standard, with the exception of some dominant 7 or diminished chords thrown in.

There is no predefined “plucking pattern” for this song, although I recommend starting simple, but increasing complexity as the song progresses. (This creates variety and a sense of “progression” in the song. Otherwise, each verse will sound exactly the same, just with different words.)

Lastly, the tempo speeds up in the chorus (Verse = 138 BPM, Chorus = 148 BPM). That’s how I recorded the original demo for the song, and that’s how I think it sounds best. Keeping the tempo steady might be a smoother transition (from verse to chorus), but just doesn’t sound or feel great to me.


Bm  C  Am7
Bm  C  D7  F#7

Verse 1

Bm C    Am7
Is it too much to ask?
Bm     C    D7
To send a little angel on my path?

G      Em  D/F#    G
‘Cause I’ve been lonely, for the longest time
   C      D
And you ___ might just be ___
 Csus2    Dsus2
The one

Verse 2

Is it too much to dream?
That all my fantasies come true?
‘Cause I’ve been waiting, for the longest time
And you __ might just be __

(Last line omitted to immediately go to chorus.)

Chorus 1

B7    Am7
The one to raise me up
B7       Em
The one to tear me down
B7    Em
Send shivers up my spine
 E7      Am7
My world’s floating around

A7    Bm
And it’s __ new

D    Em    F#7

Verse 3

Is it too much to speak
My mind and have the truth revealed
‘Cause I’ve been raging, alone and held in chains
But you __ might just be __

Chorus 2

The one to shake things up
Through cold night winter storms
To blow the fuses off
Then make me feel reborn
And like __ new

Verse 4

Is it too much to wake
Hoping my body isn’t damaged
Like it has been, for the longest time

 Csus2   Dsus2
And you might just be
D7     G
You might just be
G7     C  F -> E7 (full stop!)
You might just be

Chorus 3

The one to heal my soul
To drag me back from hell
To soothe the aches, the waste,
Of eeeevery sickening spell


Cm -> Bdim (2x)

Bdim  Cm (repeat, repeat, repeat)
Is it too muuuuuch to ask?
G7    Fm    G7