Maybe you were right (Chords)

Jan 13 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Maybe you were right”. It’s track #2 from the album “Feast your Eyes on Me”.

One of my (rare) upbeat, uptempo, loose songs. So don’t get too hung up on precise timings, and feel free to improvise around the chords if you feel like it.

As such, the chords aren’t that special or unique, nor set in stone. Still, for completeness:

Remark: The verses are slightly faster than the chorus. Which is … unusual, but fits this song and its theme, that’s why. (It’s usually the other way around.)

Remark: We’re actually in the key of G Major, not C major, even though it may seem so.

Verse 1

G             D
  They say the beauty’s in the pause

The memory shines when it’s lost

Guess I will never forget

Verse 2

They say you cannot force a spark
The light’s much brighter in dark
But I have to close my eyes

Pre-Chorus 1

So you see it’s all a mess

I’ll just work with what I have

Chorus 1

And I believe that there’s a place

where it will find me and I’ll do it all

But you believed that I’m just running, fleeing,

with my back against the wall

But I will conquer countries,

   C       G
sail my ship to worlds unknown

Or you will hear me saying,

       C*   G*   D
maybe you were riiiiiiiight ___

Verse 3

You say I have to slow it down
I’m just met with a frown (half tempo)
With this time and space I drown

Verse 4

You say, some silence would be nice
(no lyrics/silence for one bar)
Guess your wish comes at a price

Pre-Chorus 2

B7    C   B7
   It’s a bitter realization

   Em     Am
That my age is not my skill

    B7     Em
Still don’t know my occupation

But I guess I never will

I never will

Chorus 2

Feel like my work is done my mind
can rest now I am satisfied

You feel my body’s drained, the age old test
is will I make it to the night

But hey I made some things,
I made a thing out of thin air

And now I make excuses,
‘cause maybe you were riiiiight __

Maybe in my mind
Things are not as fine
Maybe you were right


Solo (repeats several times)

Verse 5

But if I may be so bold
I guess to have and to hold
Means to live under sun


With your arms outstretched

Only thoughts of you in my head


(optional key change: one semitone higher)
But first I’ll have to find you,
get you, keep you, never let you go

My world so far was numbers, papers,
and a future growing cold

I guess I could make space,
for a few days, for better ways

And when we greet the night,
I’ll say maybe you were riiiiight ___

Maybe we have time
Maybe I need a guide
Maybe you were right


IMPROVISE. (Or just do the solo again.)