Move On

Jul 20 2021 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Move on”

It’s track #4 from my album “Is it Too Much to Ask?"

From time to time, I allow myself to base a song off the default “4 chord pop song”: most of this song is just the chords C -> G -> Am -> F.

To make it more varied and interesting, some weird chords are thrown in here and there. Whenever I play these, I actually play two variations after each other (only changing the fingering on the highest E-string). That’s what the “->” means in the chord list below.

Also, a key change happens during the bridge. (And another key change back for the last part of the song.)


Verse 1

C          G
I would skip class, just to watch you walk me by
    Am           F
Because I like to see you move on, and I have to get my move on

C      Gm*
I like to wonder, what it means to live
   Am             F
With a chip upon your shoulder, when my life’s moving so slowly
At times

Chorus 1

Dm    Am E7  Am
  Wake me up, when it ends
Dm E7 F G Am
Tell me once again

  I’m going somewhere
F*           E7
  I’ll one day get there

Verse 2

I would hang around, many hours after hours
‘Cause I like to see you move on, makes me headstrong, brings me undone

And as you vanished, into the sunset bright
I would reminisce a future, we could live together,

Chorus 2

Just wake me up, when it ends
Tell me once again
I’m going somewhere
I’ll one day get there


But for the moment
I’ll wait, I wait, I have to wait

Bm            G
We all have, a path, a plan, a winding road
Bm            G
We all bring, a pen, a paper back to bed

      D        D/C#
But we must move, move out of that daydream
The only way forward
Is to break the chains and take the step

   And you could help with that


C  G  Am  F

Verse 3

I’d stay up all night, just to find the perfect words
‘Cause I like to see you move on, you don’t have to take me with you

Even sleepless, burned-out, I can appreciate
The wonders from behind, when my life’s moving so quickly
At times

Chorus 3

Wake me up, let it end
Show me once again
We’re going somewhere
We’ll one day get there


E7        C
    All in good time