Nightmareboats to Keep (Chords)

Jan 13 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Nightmareboats to Keep”. It’s the bonus track from the album “A Ship to Something”.


This is an older/alternative version of “Dreamboats to Share”. I ended up going with the other one for the album and full instrumentation.

This one felt smaller, more intimate, and more like a bonus (completely) acoustic track. A sort of twin to the other song, born from the same intro melody.

For variation, alternate between C and Csus4, and perhaps switch the F for Fmaj7

Remark: the first line and third line of the chorus obviously sound very similar. But the first is actually extended by a few beats. If you don’t take this into account, the timing will trip you up.


C  Csus4

Verse 1

Silence again, I don’t know

Why it just began, was it the

Way I am speaking

G          C
   Do I sound like a grandpa

Verse 2

Lonely again, I know that
Somewhere they have fun, is it that
I’m always working
Or working for an always

Chorus 1

F       G  Am
   If I change what I say

  F    E7  Am
You would come after me

F      G   Am
  If I change my own ways

  F  G  C
Am I still really me?

Verse 2

Sleeping again, dreaming of
Ways to change the plan
But nightmares come easily baby
For those with great ambition

Chorus 2

If I change what I hate
You would stay beside me
But if I change my odd ways
Am I still really me?


F        G
 I’ve fought a losing battle

C       Am
Since the day I was born

I’ve lost the fighting ammo
I’m stuck now, tired and worn

  F     G
But don’t leave me hanging

Am  C  C/B
Out to dry, I’m fine

But I still sleep alone at night

Chorus 3

If I change dreams to play
You would jump right to me
But it’s my nightmare to fade
Away what’s really me


“Doe doe doe doooeh” on verse melody.