Old is the Love (Chords)

Jan 13 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Old is the Love”. It’s track #5 from the album “A Ship to Something”.

This song is relatively short and simple. Don’t make it bigger than it is, just some soft plucking and singing will make it amazing :) At the same time, it uses quite some odd chords (which go out of key as well), so be sure to check them out if you don’t know how to play them.

Verse 1

C   F
Old is the love

That shines from above

C    F
Old is the heart

  E7      Am
That makes me want to start

Dm     E7
  Old is the song

Cm(Bb)  G#
Worn out and done

G#m    (->C)
And it is what it is

Verse 2

Old is the need
To sweep someone off their feet

Old is the soul
You need to make you whole

Old is the tale
Of heroes, strong, fast or frail
And they what they do

Chorus 1

Bb   F
Old is the magic

  Bbm    Fm
That drinks from a fountain

  F#        G#
And laughs at the stones, the sunlight on homes

The world could steal me some

Rain – bows – in – the

Post-Chorus 1

Spri __ iiiii __ ing

Verse 3

Old is the touch
That tells you oh so much

Old is the eye
That looks to be admired

Old are the young
Wise in their careless great wrongs
And so they are, they’ll become

Chorus 2

Old is the laughter
The drowns all your sorrows
And understands the power of these lands
The freedom to be one with
Na – ture – and – to

Post-Chorus 2


Instrumental Outro

Intro pattern