Short Jumping (Chords)

Jan 13 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Short Jumping”. It’s track #4 from the album “Feast your Eyes on Me”.

An upbeat, uptempo song with many opportunities for some decorative flair in your guitar playing!

I’m afraid I improvised the solo parts, so below are only the chords. I’ll try to write down what I did in the future so I can add it to my tabs.

Special chords:


A series of different G-chord variations:

When you’re ready to start the song, end on an open A: 5000XX

Verse 1

I wonder what it’s like to live

Out in the woods – and send the letters

Greet nature morning and evening we
Live off the land – forget the

Chorus 1

D   D7
Worries made by

G    G7
Society and gates

Built out of spite

Bb     F
 We would say goodbye

 To money and schools

 A life we can’t choose

 Wouldn’t it be good

Verse 2

I wonder what it’s like to
Rewrite all our youths – and learn the letters

Play forward, scars are just warnings
To repeat mistakes – the once we made when we

Chorus 2

Danced to a drum
Not yet so strung, humming the simple hum
That made our voice strong
Back where we belong

Our nature, our life
Our strongest inner desires
To reignite the fire


G    Cadd9 (several times)
D    D7


  I’ve been living in the moment

  I’ve been living for the dream

  I have lists and lists of futures

C        D7
  None picking up steam

Come close

Stay safe – make way

Adim          F
  Don’t be smart it’s just a short jump

Verse 5

We’re taking, taking heartache
And building it back
Better than it ever was

Can’t wait to come home
And smell fresh air again
And build a bower


Same as intermezzo, but ending on G7

Most importantly: go loose, be merry, play some cool riffs, follow the groove as long as you like! That’s what I did.


(slower tempo, completely different vibe/melody)

Em  D/F#    G     C
We are the world, but we forgot we don’t own it
We’re scared for the jump, but our legs will support us
We rose from the dirt, not to rush and not to hurt
Not to study or to work, I wonder, I wonder


Repeat the bridge cadence, fading out

Basically how to play the (main) bridge melody on guitar