[Tab] Don't Pretend

May 25 2021 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

This is the official tab for my song “Don’t Pretend”

It’s track #4 on the album “Keeping the Sunset on my Side”

It uses many chords you wouldn’t typically see in songs, which is why I provided a nice chord list here:

When I say “D variations”, I mean that I walk up the high E-string (playing frets 2, 4, 5) for a nice transition.

Also, I probably mislabeled some of those chords. (I’m not an expert in naming chords.) If so, let me know.


Bmaj7 - Emaj7 - Dmaj7 - Amaj7 - D/A


Bmaj7       Emaj7
Don’t pretend you don’t know the words

  Bmaj7         Emaj7
To your favourite song, and you don’t wanna dance

  Dmaj7    Amaj7    D/A (+variations)
It’s the moves, it’s the moves, that you make

Don’t pretend there is no one else
You would rather see, be or live without
It’s the choice, it’s the choice, that you make


Emaj7*    Bsus2
It’s all in your mind again

Trying to save face

    E         Amaj7
But it’s a lonely horse betting on this race

If the mask you’re wearing is not
Made of something happy why would
You stick out your tongue again
What’s taking so long my friend


Don’t pretend you don’t lie awake
Every night in bed worries overtake
That your future, your future, is not what you made

Don’t pretend you don’t like the taste
Of something unhealthy, or you think it’s a waste
To spend time, precious time, buried in the glass


It’s all in your mind again
When you’re going under
Cover in your own estate with your covers raised

There is an awkward space for the
Mind to roam free and embrace
That you’re the lonely horse betting on this race


(Just switch between Bmaj7 and Emaj7, with the occasional Dmaj7 of Amaj7 thrown in, until the song completely fades out, or you’ve had enough of it.)

Don’t pretend
Just don’t pretend …