[Tab] Keeping the Sunset

May 24 2021 Tab Guitar Chords Lyrics English

Below are my official tabs for the song “Keeping the Sunset”

This is track #1 from the album “Keeping the Sunset on my Side”.

As usual, I suspect basic chords are known (or can be Googled), and leave room for improvisation.


C         F    C
I’ve been calling out, but there’s no one there

       F      C
I’m keeping the sunset on my side

I’ve been trying hard, but it’s beyond repair
Keeping the sunset on my side

I’ve been touching souls, but nobody cares
Still keeping the sunset on my side


Do fun stuff with C variations, until we end on Cm



Cm     Eb     Fm  Eb  Cm
We could try to burn real low, save for our enemies

Gm     Fm
All of ourselves, a carnival

Or we could try to hit real hard, throw weight into punches
Breaking our wrist, a hit or a miss


Bb        Eb
Or we could save, we could save ourselves

  Bb       Gm
We could put our head on a dusty shelf

   Ab   (Bb)   Cm
And leave it … until we need its help


We could try to wait real long, keeping the sunset
Onto our backs, our shadows prevail

Or we could try to race headstrong, right from the outset
Use the surprise as a golden disguise


And you will see, you will see real soon
There is no plan needed to shoot to the moon
And we’ll get there … with our hearts still in tune
Just hope we’re not immune





We could try to shout real loud, if that’s what it takes then
The clouds won’t dissolve, but mountains of gold


Will await, we will wait my dear
For that famous sunset to reappear
It’s never … never the same
Just hold me till we’re tamed


Nope, just stop angrily on the last chord