[Tab] Make Me Feel Wanted

May 24 2021 Tab Guitar Chords Lyrics English

This is the official tab for “Make Me Feel Wanted”.

This is track #2 on the album “Keeping the Sunset on my Side”.

There’s not really a clear verse/chorus structure. If you want, you can see this song as having three slightly different verses, or you can view the pre-chorus and chorus as one whole chorus. Either way, I’ve just broken the tab into smaller parts for readability’s sake.

Most of these chords can be swapped for another variant at will, usually adding a 7th. The Am could be an Am7, the F can often be an Fmaj7, things like that. Have fun!


C – Am – F – G7


C      Am
This is how you drink from the ocean

F        C
And I cannot go back

C      Am
Falling through the sighs of release

F        G7
And everything we had


    Fmaj7    Am
Maybe I am fine on my mind

Safe and sound

Somewhere in this sun, maybe I’ve begun to

Dm        G – G7
Break, and no more I can take


This is something you have to
Understand about this news

Anything we do all I want (is) to
bring it back to you


Maybe I am scared, almost there
That somewhere in this void, somewhere in this void
We run away again


F    Am
Careful and seeing

Em    B7
Hearts – time will

Cmaj7 Dmaj7 G – G7
Tear us all apart

Cause you can’t stand
For someone else
Time will tell you why


Somewhere I will fall, and I fall, and
I cannot sing you please

Feeling like a great endeavor ‘cause
I cannot be seen


With you … in my arms
Safe and warm
Everywhere we go, everywhere we go it’s
It’s magic dear


Cause somewhere else
There will be someone
Calling out, I do not know


This is how you make me feel wanted
But memories will hide
Flames will burn, the heat will be turned into
Particles up high


Maybe I am fine for a time
The stars aligned
For that briefest time, you might just be mine
I hope that it will burn anew


Cause when we land
We will have formed our bonds
And they are just too strong

So when you walk
Or maybe when I talk
Of endings, don’t let me move on