[Tab] There Is a Need

May 25 2021 Tab Guitar Chords Lyrics English

This is the official tab for my song “There Is a Need”.

This is track #3 on the album “Keeping the Sunset on my Side”.

On the recording, there are actually two guitars: the main chords and embellishments on top with a second recording. I do this very often, because playing “just” chords creates a distinct lack of variation and high frequencies in a song. The embellishments are simply playing notes from the same scale, but only on the higher strings (and higher frets) of the guitar.

Some remarks:


D – G – A – Bm – Bm – A – G – F#7


     D G A D
So let us run, before it all depletes

  G   A   Bm
The mountain still loves me

  Bm  A  G
And I can’t tell you how

So let us climb, to rise above the sound
Jails I may not haunt
But I can’t show you how



    Bm     D
There is a mind, there is a line

    Em    Bm
There is a space we left behind

 A   G    D/F#
And I can’t tell, I can’t tell

    Em    F#7
If we’re blind __

There is a need, there are the free
We have agreed to not believe
Those that talk, oh they can talk
‘Till they see


Oh let us blame, the emptiness on God
The future may not hold
The brightness we assume

And let us name, the ones that made us weep
Destroyed the peace we seek
Those words will surely heal


We have a mind, we have a life
We have a space we’ll leave behind
But they will fight, they will fight
‘Till they’re blind

We have our needs, we would be free
If those forsaken brainless would just kneel
For the powers, beyond our grasp
We can’t see


Play the chords from the chorus, improvise something cool on top :)


Remark! Pluck and pick the chords, instead of strumming. Also, soft singing, more like melodious talking.

I don’t ask for much
I just ask for food and shelter
A warmth, a goal, that will never
Waiver under storms

And I don’t ask too much
A small space to call home
Those big machines and drones
Won’t do me any good


Cause I have my mind, I have my lines
I need a space I cannot find
And I can’t tell, I can’t tell
Why it’s gone

I have a need, rather be free
Forcing our children into these
Systems too big, hearts way too small
They don’t belong


Play the chords from the chorus, but with a different rhythm (hard slam, then mute/pause), and alternate between an open A-string and the actual note.