What Are We Doing?

Jul 20 2021 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “What are we doing?”

It’s track #2 from my album “Is it Too Much to Ask?"

The song basically has two sections that alternate: the start section with plucked guitar (in the key of Bb) and the other one with chord strumming (in the key of E). Despite the key difference, the melody itself (mostly) stays the same.

The plucked section has some odd chords (which I’ll outline below), the other uses more standard chords.


Verse 1

Little baby,
Kneels before me

Bb6    Gm*    Am*
What are we doing, when all is said and done
Gm*    Dm    (Ebdim)
What have I become?

Chorus 1

E      Asus2
I wa __ nt this to go __ on
There’s no __ need to play __ on

C#m  (G#m)F#m
Maybe if I sleep it off

We will begin again, like we are just friends
And no one else will understand that

Verse 2

C#m   G#m
Flesh and bone kneels
C#m   G#m
Stares at light beams

C#m (Bsus2) Asus2G#m
What are we doing    separated now
F#m       C#m  E/D#
So far from what we loved

Chorus 2

I wa __ nt this to change __ now
But I __ m stuck in these ways __ now

A7 (this chorus is cut short)

Verse 3 (same as verse 1)

Little baby
Kneels before me
Asks a question (extra line, first note one higher)

Why do we make this so hard on ourselves
That we repel our other half

Chorus 3

It’s just a si __ mple question
And the an __ swer oh so clear

When we’ve all turned to dust

What will you desire
What will you regret
If I’d gifted some time
And worked a little less
If I

Verse 4 (same as verse 2)

Had a moment
To answer questions

What are we doing?
What are we doing?
What are we doing?
What are we doing?

Chorus 4

(doiiiiiing) ____
(doiiiiiing) ____ here


C#m  G#m
C#m  G#m
G#m*  F#m*
C#m -> B -> Asus2
C#m -> B -> A7

Of course, this is the background guitar. An actual solo is played on top.

Outro (same as verse 1)

Little baby
Kneels before me

And I am certain
It’s all I wanted

It’s all I ever
Ever really wanted

It’s all I ever
Ever needed

(fade out slowly on first pattern)