You never will, I never won't (Chords)

Jan 13 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “You never will, I never won’t”. It’s track #1 from the album “A Ship to Something”.

The song has a lot of key changes and tempo ( = strumming pattern) changes.

Most notably the bridges: bridge 1 has the same general tempo as the verse/chorus, but slows down considerably, and changes key. Bridge 2 changes to a whole different tempo and strumming pattern, much slower. Then it speeds up again, so we end on the last chorus.

A few listens to the song will clear this up, although it might take a few tries to get all parts correct and flowing into each other.

Besides that, the chords itself aren’t that special, and the melody and plucking is pretty consistent (albeit fast).

Verse 1

Am   G     Am
I’ve been turning, waking, restless

Am   F  G     Am
About the way the world should be

C/B       Dm
Can’t forget you just would not agree

Am   F     E7
You never saw, I always see

Verse 2

I wish some time machine could save me
From old mistakes you don’t believe
Can’t forget this was not what I planned
You never can, I never can’t

Chorus 1

Am   CC/B
See ____ me as I

Am   CC/B
Plead __ down on my

Am       Dm  E7
Knees, if I could’ve been __ anyone else

If you had left the chain

Fm   D#Fm  D#
Give me a day, believe me I’ll

E   Asus2(… -> Am)
Fly ___

Verse 3

It never even came to heartbreak
By then the brain cells were all numb
Endless searching, I never came home
You never will, I never won’t

Verse 4

(go higher, loosen the actual melody)
And now I’m running from the answers
I do not like them they’re not __ me
Raised by monsters, how can you grow free?
You’ll never die, I’ll never be

Chorus 2

Hear __ me as I
Scream __ split at the
Seams, I can’t bleed anymore

The hurt that used to burn
Has turned to ice
One more push and I’ll die

Bridge 1

Oh I’ll

Die – the prospect of not making it

Out alive flashes by – and it

Scares me, what I will never do, what I will never make

Twenty wasted years, what is twenty more?

      E     C      D
You won’t expect it, that’s the best part, it is proving you were

  E       C      D
Wrong dear, that’s the best part, it is proving you were

  E    C    B7
Wrong dear, admit it, you never will, I never won’t

Bridge 2

Strumming => bam BAM BAM => low HIGH HIGH
Start half tempo => slowly speed up

E   A   E
Oeh __

  C    B7    E
Only one feeling left, use it well

Oeh __
Got something to prove, nothing to lose

Oeh __
A goal is a goal, let it go

Oeh __
Pester the gods with your stubbornness

Oeh __
Don’t need to be right, I have

Chorus 3/Outro

Similar to other choruses, just shifted in key

E   G#mF#mE
Time __ right on my side
Why turn unstoppable tides

    C     D
You will never love me back like that

    C     D
You will never give me back what I had

C      CD
  You never will, I never

E     A (exact same ending as normal chorus)
Won’t __

Feel that way again