Codename: El Troubadour Dutch Guitar Piano Questionable skills on any other instrument Loves pancakes Born 1997 Actual codename: <redacted> Also a Math Engineer, but don't mention it

Hello! I am Tiamo (el troubadour), an independent musician from the Netherlands.

My Style

My musical brain is, somehow, divided into four parts.

I love singer-songwriter stuff, small songs with just a piano and a voice, cute melodies or heartbreaking lyrics.

But due to the health issues I’ll explain below, I also make instrumental music from time to time.

I love folk/pop/rock—the stomping your foot, shouting along, breaking your guitar strings kind.

But I also grew up in the theatre, creating a love for musical theatre songs. I’m just as likely to start belting “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” as I am to sing some obscure Mumford & Sons song.

Though these last two categories currently don’t have any album yet, due to those darn health issues.

My Body

I picked up my first guitar at the age of seven. From then, the dream of becoming a full-time (probably famous, and rich) musician was on.

I learned piano, drums, took singing lessons, spent years training and preparing … but it just wasn’t meant to be.

A chronic illness rages through my body and makes me unable to make music whenever I want. My abilities are very inconsistent, and I need many breaks.

It took a long time to “accept” that, in which I wrote literally hundreds of songs.

But now I’m bundling those songs into albums (mostly in chronological order), trying to record at least an hour every week, so I can present my music to the world!

My Work

Because of those health issues, I’ve decided to hedge my bets!

I work as a general freelance artist, also writing, drawing, designing, and more.

To view an overview of all my work, visit my Portfolio.

My game studio has a separate website: Pandaqi.

And my writing has its own home as well: Tiamo Pastoor.


Email is the magic word!

Ask me anything at [email protected]

(Live) Performances? Due to my health issues, I’m not touring or doing (live) performances. I have dreams and high hopes, obviously, but it’s unlikely that will ever be a reality for me.

Social media? I understand the power and importance of social media … but I value my time, health and integrity more.

These days, social media is nothing more than a huge channel through which everyone promotes and advertises, and at best a time sink for everyone else.

I’m not going to spam my music on a website I don’t even use or enjoy myself. Especially if it costs me a few hours in which I could’ve made more music and better music.