Dec 31 2021 English Single Christmas

A single for the holiday season. My first single, and my first song that is not a small singer-songwriter track, but rather a full track with a full band!


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More Info

At the end of 2021, I looked back at what I achieved that year, and looked forward to the next one.

I saw some good things (quite productive, learned a lot, building a career/portfolio), but also some sad things. Things I still hadn’t achieved, things I was still unhappy about. Such as not recording/releasing as much music as I’d like.

This song is about that. Looking at the old year, which was supposed to be your best, and realizing what came of it. But also looking at the next year, looking ahead, and trying to stay hopeful and positive for your next year — which might just be your best.

In the end, I think the song itself is great, and the recording also quite a cut above my previous work. (In no small part due to the fact I could now add a full band of instruments!) A good sign for the next year and the many albums to come :)

Tabs / Chords / Lyrics

If possible, I publish the lyrics/chords/tablature for all my songs!

This way, anyone can play my music and discover the chords, without wasting time trying to figure out the precise chord being played or lyric being sung.

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