Play this Mess (Lyrics)

Jan 13 2022 Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics for the song “Play This Mess”. It’s track #3 from the album “Feast your Eyes on Me”.

Verse 1

Hey lady from my memory
I still hear your words in dreams
Like a map you drew the lines of my intentions
Just your voice, dark nights and silent screams

Verse 2

Hey someone who could love me
Say goodbye to all your fears
We can just pretend that I was never here
It’s just that comfort song you hear

Chorus 1

Oh darling darling
You don’t have to make a choice
If you want to, you can just
Play my voice
On the radio

Verse 3

Hey ghosts hiding in cupboards
Hey monsters under the bed
What’s it like to be feared by so many
Yet never get any respect

Chorus 2

Oh baby baby
You don’t have to be distressed
If you want to
You can just play this mess
On your radio

Hook (5x)

All the voices in your head
All those things I never said

Bridge 1

We’re bruised, bent, and broken
There’s no use denying
The words finally spoken
My poetic trying all leads to
You ___

Chorus 3

Oh lovely, lovely
I’ll be gone before too long
But if you want to
You can just finish this song
On your own sweet time

Verse 4

Hey parts of you that loved me
Meet the words killed before speak
A stranger’s lips will sing my melody
The cards were dealt and so I yield

Chorus 4

Cause sweetheart, sweetheart
I’ll admit to one more fear
There won’t be songs of mine
That you will ever hear
On the radio