Where the Flowers Still Bloom

Jul 14 2021 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “Where the flowers still bloom”

It’s track #1 from my album “Is it Too Much to Ask?"

If you are playing solo, all chords are played with a steady rhythm, mostly muted (with your palm). If you have two guitarists, the second one can strum the actual chords, or do the embellishments you hear on the track.

The song is rather easy to play (no weird chords, mostly repetitive). However, because it goes through a few key changes, it can be very hard to sing (and very easy to forget a key change and play the wrong chords)


A5 -> A5/G# (2x)

Verse 1

Come meet me here
C    C/B  Am
In memories of painted fields

No trace of fear
The wind, the trees a solid shield

Bb        Dm
But it’s the past we sow
The wind will blow (to)

Dm    C    Bb
Where the flowers still bloom
A7        Dm
Where the flowers still bloom

Verse 2

The light is strong
The scent is fresh, the touch is soft

The world it crawls
Out of its shelter, but it’s robbed

Of any sense at all
They’re closing in

Where the flowers still bloom
A7        C7    D7
Where the flowers still bloom

Chorus 1

Ebm    B
We hold the power
Ebm    DbBb7    Ebm
Beauty in one hand, pain in the other

Ebm        Bbm
The world will not remember us
    B        Db
If there’s no life at all to breathe memories (memorie – ie – ies)

Ebm    Db    B
Where the flowers still bloom
Dm    C    Bb (immediate pitch shift half note down)
Where the flowers still bloom

Oh _ oh _

(Bb7 -> B7 -> C7 -> Db7 slide up, but muted)

Verse 3

Come show yourself
Don’t be afraid, admit the truth

You did not care
Not in the slightest, now your youth

Is creeping to an end
You enjoyed your stay

For you, the flowers still bloomed
For you, the flowers still bloomed

Verse 4

(Key change, one semitone higher; pause on Dm is eliminated)

I’d like a day
When I could open windows wide

And smell the air
Db        B
Without the risk of dying I

Would like some sunshine here
To grow the lands

Ebm    Db    B
Where the flowers don’t bloom
Bb7        Db7    Eb7
No the flowers don’t bloom

Chorus 2

(mostly same as before, just another semitone higher)

Em    C
We hold the power
Em    D    Em
To fight and fight for a future

Em        Bm
And they, they will remember us
    C        D
As the ones who tore the darkness to shreds

Em    D    C
It’s not all doom and gloom
Dm    C    Bb
Some stubborn flowers will bloom
A7            Dm
Somewhere those flowers will bloom

Verse 5

(softer, mellow, just pluck chords)

Come meet me there
Come fill the space where we collide

It’s almost time
To leave our beating hearts behind

And when we’re done with this
Planet of ours

Then the flowers will bloom
Oh the flowers will bloom