All That I Needed to Hear II (Chords)

Apr 28 2022 Tab Chords Guitar Lyrics English

These are the official lyrics and chords for the song “All That I Needed to Hear (Part 2)”. It’s track #8 from the album “Until It’s Over”.

The ultimate climax of this album. Bits and pieces of all the other songs, but especially part 1 of course, come back here into a grand conclusion. It’s required to scream “it ain’t over until it’s over” as loudly and emotionally as you can.


C (aggressive all downward strumming)

Verse 1

In your dreams they are

Flying with fire it’s

Something worth trying I

G     F
Held out my hand

To be saved

Chorus 1

Got denied __

Verse 2

You’ve been nodding and
Reasoning seasons will
Pass and you’ll still be the (sped up) same
Static noise, no one tuned in

Chorus 2

I’d fight __

Verse 3

What they’re saying it’s not
True and I knew that I
Slew every dragon but for
Causes unworthy of my time

Chorus 3

They lied __

Bridge 1

F   C
But when I die

  Am     Em
The world merely shivered, the still alive

F    Dm     G
 Will move on without question, a memory I’ll be

F   C
 It’s a fight and the

Am      Em
Fittest they won’t miss it, but what am I

F  Dm   G
 If I stay in my seat and watch my life just roll

By __

Verse 4

So what now boy you’re
Just gonna run from the
World let it happen lose your
Love, lose your soul, lose it all and

Chorus 4

Stand by __

Bridge 2

So when I breathe
A weight will be lifted and I believe
This is all that I needed to be, so don’t

Settle down, don’t do any of that
Nonsense you’ll surely drown
With a teardrop in my eye, don’t see why I should
Try __


G (transitional)

Cadd9 -> C
Give me anything, anyone
Live it anyway, anyhow

Burn it

No one ever regrets doing
Something, there’s only the pain of
Waiting and


Why you never dared

Bridge 3

So when I run
A voice screaming “listen up, here I come”
This is all that I needed to hear, so just

Come undone
Leave the train, leave the station, find a new home
Don’t you take this away, it ain’t over ‘till it’s
Over __


Just slow down the strumming, until it eventually stops.

Maybe with a sort of lullaby-like soft singing over it.

End by playing the chorus melody over it, then the solo/intermezzo melody, then done.